Why You Should Be Listening To The Brilliant Idiots

As traditional radio and television becomes more and more obsolete with the vast amount of internet content being created everyday, it is hard to find truly great content that is worth your time. Different websites throw content at you all day with the hopes they will make that tenth of a cent when you click through to their website. Some could care less about the content they throw out, ahem Buzzfeed, and some truly try to make content that is tailored for their target audiences. 

Among all the media being offered on the internet these days, the rising star is the podcast. Podcast listening has increased in recent years due to the ease of listening and ease of creating them. You don’t need expensive studio equipment, all you need to air your thoughts and opinions are a pair of microphones and a laptop. Podcasts have become such a huge part of offered online media that 30% of all audio sources are podcasts, compared to AM/FM radios 21%, and owned musics 23%. With the increase in podcast popularity, stars have been born and careers have been launched.  You can literally find and listen to a podcast that discusses anything that may interest you. Want your MMA fix? They got those. Relationship advice? A dime a dozen. Want to hear some pornstars talk about whatever porn stars talk about? I’m sure they have that too. While everyone and anyone may be starting a podcast these days, let us lead you in the direction to one you should be listening to. 

That podcast is The Brilliant Idiots. The Brilliant Idiots is a weekly podcast show started in 2014 consisting of comedian Andrew Schulz and outspoken radio personality Charlamagne tha God. In any typical episode, Andrew and Charlamagne discuss a wide range of topics that encompass everything and anything in todays popular culture. Dialogue is swift and sharp, and often lobbed from different ends of the spectrum. Topics discussed include hip hop, sports, current events, and anecdotes that are sure to make the 2 hour average listen time feel like 30 minutes. A portion of one episode may be Andrew Schulz discussing a recent foray into a strip club, and another might be the duo discussing racial tensions in America. You are guaranteed to be taken on a wild ride of dialogue from opening introductions to closing arguments. If you prefer to observe the Idiots conversation visually, then they got you covered as well. Highlights from each episode are uploaded to Andrew Schulz Youtube periodically after release, with full episodes available as well. While discussion is usually between Andrew and Charlamagne, past and recurring guests include Taxstone, Malcolm Gladwell, and Charlamagnes out of pocket banter accomplice, Wax. 

Political topics are often met with differing views from both parties, and the listener becomes an out of room mediator that is forced to pull information and insight from both sides.

The Brilliant Idiots is a podcast that is not just going to entertain you, but it is also going to open your ears to different views on various opposing topics. While topics of discussion are often lighthearted, The Brilliant Idiots do not shy away from discussing the sociopolitical issues of today. Political topics are often met with differing views from both parties, and the listener becomes an out of room mediator that is forced to pull information and insight from both sides, forming their own opinion on the topic being discussed. Andrew and Charlamagne get into often tense discussions with a tone of discussion that surely escapes the walls of their New York based studio. 

If you are looking for a podcast that is going to make you laugh, think, and make you more aware of the world you live in, then go on Soundcloud and listen to their latest episode. It is about time you consume some content that isn’t going to completely ravage your brain cells, although you may walk away feeling like an honorary Idiot yourself.

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